About Us

Welcome to Texas Hot Peppers. We've been growing peppers for 20 years now, back when the hottest varieties were "Habanero" types. We offer one of the largest selections of Pepper seeds in the world, and love to try new varieties each year. 

We offer every type of pepper, from the hottest of all Superhots, all the way down to Sweet Peppers and Ornamental types. We specialize in Superhots as well as unique looking and tasting varieties.  

Our seeds are almost all "open pollinated" meaning our plants are not isolated. If a variety is isolated, that will be mentioned in the product description.  

Many of our varieties are very limited in supply, so if you have an eye on a particular variety, don't wait, it may sell out. 

We offer some of the best prices on the internet for seeds. See our collections for even a better deal, the more varieties purchased the better price per packet.

We also offer a large variety (over 100 varieties) of Tomato Seed.  Check them out, they are easy to grow and nothing beats a home grown tomato!  We have all sizes, colors, and types available.

Shipping Questions

Please be advised that we ship all International Orders via a "Birthday Type" Card with small ziplocks taped inside along with light padding for protection. There is no tracking on International orders

Due to Covid and instability in Europe (Ukraine/Russia etc) there are delays that are out of our control.  International orders typically take between 4-8 weeks but in extreme cases can take even longer. 

Thanks for visiting our site.