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Ultimate Super Hot Seed Collection - 40 Diff Varieties + 4 Bonus

Ultimate Super Hot Seed Collection - 40 Diff Varieties + 4 Bonus

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Limited time offer! 

This is a collection of our HOTTEST pepper varieties we offer.  Each variety will include 10 seeds (unless noted) and will be separately packaged.  

As a limited time bonus to this collection you will receive 6 seeds of the following: Banestrain White, Banestrain Red, Banestrain Yellow, Banestrain Peach.

Here are the 40 varieties that will be included:  (Each variety is linked. Click Link for full description/pics of each)


Tiberius Mauler

Apocalypse Scorpion

Big Yellow Mama Gnarly - 8 Seeds

BOC X Reaper (Orange)


Genghis Khan Brain

Jigsaw Chocolate

T Rex Red


Judy's Brown Moruga

7 Pot Cinder F6

Carolina Reaper

7 Pot Katie

Chocolate Bhutlah

Trinidad Scorpion Orange

Chocolate Nagabrain X Reaper



Death Spiral

Chocolate Primotalii

Skunk Chocolate - 8 Seeds

Orange Primo

Golden Primotalii

Blue Ghost

Hurt Berry - 8 Seeds

Mutant X

T Rex Chocolate

Komodo Dragon

KS Starracha Hornet Longtail

T Rex Butterscotch

Lava Scorpion

Yellow Moruga

Reaper X SRTSL

Trinidad Viper Brown

Gator Jigsaw

Dragons Breath

Trinidad Scorpion

Star Scream - 8 Seeds

7 Pot Douglah