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KS Pumpkin OTR

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KS Pumpkin OTR  (Orange to Red) - 5 Seeds (for free offer)

Every order over $35 (before shipping/handling and while supplies last) is eligible to receive one free bonus pack of 5 seeds. Simply add one to your cart.  Customers who add more than 1 free pack to their order or do not qualify for the offer will have it removed from the order. 

If you do not qualify for the 5 free seed offer or would like to purchase additional seeds please choose the 10 or 20 seed option.

This is an off pheno from the regular KS Pumpkin Habanero. These pods initially fooled us good in that the pods start off green, then ripen to orange, and then finally red (Pic shows a good progression of ripening).  We picked a bunch of these at the orange stage early in the season before realizing these do continue ripening to red.  These are slightly larger than the correct pheno KS Pumpkin Habanero and a bit hotter also.  These are most likely not stable do to being off pheno.


**Note** Those who received free KS Pumpkin Habanero seeds before October 15th 2022 from us most likely received this pheno.