Choose your own Free Bonus Package(s)

Choose your own Free Bonus Package(s)

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For a limited time only we are offering customers the ability to choose their own bonus seeds package.  Simply purchase at least $49 (before shipping/handling) and then choose the bonus package you want to receive.  In addition to this, customers can choose multiple bonus packages if they spend more.  Each variety will include 6-8 seeds.  Customers who add bonus packages that they are NOT eligible for will have them removed from order and will not receive them. 

Limited time offer - When these bonus packages are gone, they will be removed from the listing.  Don't wait!

Here are the eligibility requirements:

$49 or more - Choose 1 Bonus package

$99 or more - Choose 2 Bonus packages

$149 or more - Choose 3 Bonus packages

$199 or more - Receive all 5 packages

You MUST add the bonus package(s) you are eligible for to your cart!

Here are the Bonus Packages available:

Bonus Package #1 (Super Hots)

White Reaper

Star Scream Twisted

Golden Primotalii

Carolina Reaper

Peach BBG7

Douglah Inception V2

Jayboc Butterscotch

Bonus Package #2 (Super Hots)

Thor's Thunderbolt

Hallows Eve

Peach BBG7

Dragons Breath

KS Khangsta Red

Banestrain Red

Big Gold Mama

Bonus Package #3 (Hab Level Hot)

Hydra Chocolate

Nazgul's Pumpkin Pie

Trippaul Threat Orange

Chocolate Scotch Bonnet

Bido Tocana Red

White Habanero

Aji Dulce X Bahamian Goat

Bonus Package #4 (Baccatum/Med Hot)

Sugar Drop Orange

Aji Ecuadorian Orange

Sugar Rush X Mango

Sugar Rush Peach Gigantic

Aji Bodysnatcher

Sugar Rush Peach Striped

White  Lightning Bolt

Bonus Package #5 (Wilds/Small Fruited)

Wild Chiltepin

Galapogonese Long

Peri Peri

Cappuccino Chiltepin

Chiltepin Amarillo

Chile De Arbol

Aji Guaguao